5 Articles for Marketing and Productivity

Curated by Karen Davis Burton

Five of the top articles and posts I read in June.

1.  Gensler’s Secret Sauce: After the worst recession in decades put so many firms out of business, the architecture, design and planning firm reports record-breaking revenue. What’s their secret? Opportunity, relationships, and passion. 

2.  Why Are Professional Service Firms Still Afraidof Online Marketing? Stop thinking of it as optional. There’s the potential “to add synergy and profit to rainmaking efforts." 

3.  Not just for Builders: How Builders Market Backward. All professionals should determine who their customers are and make sure that customer is the focus at every step of the marketing process. 

4.  iPads replacing blueprints, boost builder productivity. “The goal is to eliminate problems before they happen.”  

5.  And speaking of video and Vine (see the 07.25 post), see what’s possible: 16 Perfect-Loop Vine Posts  (I’m going to go practice some more.)

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