6.5 Ways to Build Web Visibility

Gone are the days that a prospect would go to the Yellow Pages to find a designer, builder or service provider. I know that I immediately recycle the massive book after I find it on my front porch. So how do prospects and customers find you and the services you provide? Even when asking their friends and neighbors for a referral, they probably want to conduct their own research.

More than likely, they go to an Internet search engine and put in the name of your business or keywords that describe the types of services they need. When they see pages of businesses and websites, how do you stand out? Are you even listed? You want to be the first name a prospect sees when they “Google” your types of services.

Here are 6.5 things to do to make sure you can be found:

1. Google Place listing. Even without a company website, you can list your business name, location and service area, and the services you offer. With careful keyword descriptions of your business, you could be well on your way to being listed in the top 10 of your prospect’s search. Claim your name and address before someone else does.

2. Custom Website. A website should be the hub of your online communication. Your brand, services, testimonials and other pertinent information are found there. You can create a website with good content for less than $100 per year.

3. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other niche sites). Social networking is a great way to stay connected with your clients and prospects on a daily or weekly basis, sharing information, answering questions, and getting feedback about your services.

4. Blogs and articles. Share your specialized expertise by posting case studies, how-to’s and tips that help your clients. Even if you post to a blog weekly, those posting can be grouped to form an article. Writing articles is a proven way to position yourself as an authority with your target audience.

5. Press releases. Sending press release to trade magazines and other targeted media can raise visibility for your business and services on a regional or national level. Just remember to follow up with your press contacts.

6. Online videos and slide presentations. Videos can be created with your webcam, digital camera, or even your cell phone. You can take a few minutes to introduce yourself to prospects or outline a service offering. Slide presentations of your portfolio of work can easily be uploaded to slide sharing sites or converted to a video.

6.5 Online classifieds. Many online classified sites allow you to advertise your services for free or very low cost. Some professionals may be reluctant to use classifieds, but many have found success with this method of promotion.

Outline a plan to implement a mix of the web services listed above, and you could find your name moving up the search engine listings and more prospects calling.