3 Must-See Homes in Detroit

It's National Architecture Week (April 7-13). Here are three Detroit residences you must visit. Now, don't walk up to these houses and think you can just get in. People live here. Drive or walk by, and enjoy the view.

The Margerum 45-degree House

Photo from Detroit Home magazine
Detroit architect, Roger Margerum, designed his home when he closed his full-time practice. This 3,000 square foot residence has views of the Grayhaven Marina, and Margerum says that instead of moving from room to room, you go "from space-to-space." (More at Detroit Home magazine)

Lafayette Park Townhouses

Photo from Dwell

Lafayette Park was the first urban renewal project in the U.S., and includes two high-rises and one-and two-story townhomes designed by Mies van der Rohe. The townhomes - a sight to behold in the middle of the city - average 1400 square feet and are enveloped by a minimal shell with floor-to-ceiling windows. The interiors showcase floating staircases and clean lines.

See and hear how the residents live in their Mies-designed spaces in this New York Times article. Occasionally, you can catch a tour of the entire Lafayette Park area.*

The Turkel House

Photo from Hour Detroit magazine

Located on Seven Mile Road in Detroit, this is the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home within the Detroit city limits. The 4,300 square foot house is in FLW's Usonian Automoatic style, using inexpensive modular concrete blocks. Current residents purchased the home in 2006 and restored it for nearly $1 million. (More at Hour Detroit magazine)

* After note: The next Lafayette Park Walking Tour will be June 1, 2013. Contact Kiana German through her Style-Detroit blog or tweet her at @KianaGerman