5 Keys to Selling Your Services

Here’s some insight to an online building industry video I viewed recently. Builder magazine editorial director, Boyce Thompson, interviewed William Kraeger, principal at Mithun, on how the architecture firm sells its clients on sustainable design. This interview was only two minutes and 40 seconds, but it spoke volumes about marketing professional services, whether green building or some other market niche. Here are five key points from the brief segment:

1. Study the trends. Mithun foresaw that the housing industry and the country were moving toward urbanity, innovation and sustainability. In business, it’s vital that you monitor the pulse of your industry, understanding what’s valuable to the majority of your clients, and paying attention to the work of your colleagues and competition.

2. Find a niche you can believe in. Mithun decided to focus only on sustainable, contemporary work. It was a market they studied, one in which they excelled, and something in which they wanted all of their employees to take part.

3. Stick to your guns. Even though some of Mithun’s clients were not yet ready to hop on the green building bandwagon, the design firm did not compromise their mission. Leaving the lines of communication open, clients were informed that they could call the firm when they were ready to move forward with sustainable ideas.

4. Get clients to market for you. After moving into a newly constructed Seattle residential project designed by Mithun, owners were so pleased with their new homes that they began blogging about living there and inviting their friends to move, too. Satisfied customers pass on good news.

5. Never stop learning. Kraeger says that this is an “exciting, intimidating, ‘goose-bumpy’ time.” It’s important to stay current on emerging technology and marketing trends in order to keep in contact with current and potential clients. Communication and publicity methods are changing continuously.

See the Builder TV interview.

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