The How's and Why's of Blogging

I'm a big proponent of social media. You probably know that already. And one of the best and least expensive ways to promote yourself and your business is through blogging. What is blogging, and what is a blog? Well, you're reading one. Blog is the abbrieviated form of "weblog," an on-going written journal of your thoughts on a particular subject.

When promoting your business, you want to present yourself as the expert in your particular field. What do you know better than anyone else about real estate, or construction, or design? Blogging allows you to present your expertise in an open forum to thousands or millions of people. As you surf the Internet and read articles, you can share the information, and your commentary, with your readers through links in your blog (This is also another way to make contacts; other writers appreciate you passing on their information.)

Keeping a steady flow of ideas and maintaining a blog can be difficult and time-consuming, but plan to update it regularly - maybe bi-weekly at first, then weekly or more often. Jot down topics you'd like to address. Create an outline of ideas for your posts. Follow other blogs related to your profession for inspiration. Copyblogger, a blog dedicated to writing for marketing success, has compiled "73 Ways to Become a Better Writer." It just takes time, persistence, focus, and imagination.

Business writers, Seth Godin and Tom Peters, present their reasons for blogging in the video below. Tom, who has authored over 10 books, says "... no single thing has been more important to my life... professionally, than blogging. It has changed my life..." It's a great marketing tool, and it's free. (For Bloggging and Marketing Coaching and Consulting, contact me at kadavis@buildingsource.net.)