Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Karen A. Davis. For the past 10 years, I’ve freelanced as an architectural designer and provided technical support for architects, developers and contractors. I am privileged to have been on the architectural teams for some very prestigious projects, including corporate facilities, sports and entertainment, healthcare and multi-family residential project types. Most recently, I provided interior design and construction documentation for the largest building project in the U.S. to date.

I love the creative part of architecture, but I’ve found that I also enjoy the business side of the building industry, including marketing, business development, and strategic planning. I love encouraging people to do their best and fulfill their dreams. That’s why I’ve taken on the role as marketing manager, publicist, and business coach to the building industry, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses who typically do not have these services in-house.

I’d love to go on about me, but what about you? I’d like to hear about you and your company.

Is your business all that you’ve dreamed it would be? Do you have the luxury of choosing your projects? Have you formally introduced yourself to potential clients, to the world? Are you taking advantage of the free publicity available to promote your business?

By the way, the first two paragraphs were my “elevator speech.” How I would, and do, introduce myself if I only have a couple of minutes to talk (say, in an elevator). Have you developed your elevator speech yet?