Tell Your Prospects How You Save Them Money

Passing several gas stations as I drove today, I noticed one had posted a sign with big red letters: “8 CENTS MORE PER GAL. USING DEBIT/CREDIT.”

I thought that when you put a big sign in front of your business, it was supposed to draw people in, not make them pass by the establishment.

When gas prices were continuously increasing, some stations began charging a higher price for use of debit and credit cards than for cash. I understood. They pay a certain percentage to the bank for being able to accept credit or debit, and giving the illusion of charging less for cash could lure more people in.

So the cost for paying with cash for regular petrol is typically the one you see at the top of the sign – the price you read first – and the price for using credit is below. Never have I seen it reversed. So why would anyone hit you with the higher price first? It’s a turn-off.

At a time when people are pinching pennies, let them know how you your services can save them money in the long run. Their time is money. Their research effort is money. Their mistakes – money. Show your prospect the financial benefit of choosing you.

- The financial benefit of choosing you over your competition, whether you’re in a job interview or trying to sign a contract.

- The financial benefit spending a little more time in the pre-design phase before moving on to construction documents.

- The financial benefit of moving forward with the project today rather than waiting a few months.

- The financial benefit ordering the finish material now, not two weeks before it’s scheduled for installation.

Clients like to hear how you can save them money. Showing and telling them how hiring you can give them a higher return on their investment could seal the deal.