What's the Plan?

For your design or building industry company to thrive, you must have an active, on-going marketing and public relations plan: a way to get your business name, value proposition, ideas and projects out in public so potential clients know who you are and are aware of your abilities, and so past and current clients will remember you and your positive working relationship.

If your firm is small or mid-sized, you’ve got to put your marketing and P.R. plan in place just as the larger firms do. You may not have the budget to sustain a full-time marketing department, but you can take the time to develop and solidify a plan using traditional and new media methods. The plan can then be implemented incrementally and modified as needed.


Hear the Interview with Kiana Doggan German

Even if you weren't able to call in to hear the conversation with designer Kiana Doggan German, you can still hear the playback recording. Call 1-218-936-4703 and use the Playback Access Code: 596561