5 Ways to Sabotage Your Success

1. Don’t develop a plan. There’s no need to write down or organize the steps you will take to make your business successful. When clients call, you can jump right on their project and forgo your administrative duties. Oh wait, you don’t have a strategy to bring in clients, either.

2. Don’t look the part. Your day is free of interviews and client meetings. Drop off the kids at school and go to the coffeehouse looking like you just rolled out of bed. You definitely won’t run into any potential clients while you’re out.

3. Don’t tell people what you do. It’s easier to forward your entire e-mail address book a link to a cute puppy video on YouTube than to send them an introduction of your professional services. You’re on Facebook, but that’s mostly social. You’ve joined LinkedIn, and you’re fine with your profile being only 20% complete. Who’ll see it? Have you even convinced yourself of what you do best?

4. Don’t value your services. Tell your prospects that you can do the work at half the rate of your competition. And certainly don’t expect a retainer. You love what you do, and if you don’t get paid for your education and expertise – no problem. When you’re agonizing over your bills, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your client is happy.

5. Expect to fail. Continue to tell yourself that the competition is too steep and there are people out there whose work is better than yours. Don’t list your strengths or differentiate yourself from the competition. Don’t implement any of those new ideas you’ve been reading about, because they definitely won’t work for you.

Ensure your success. Resolve to change course, and use the five working days of the next week to do the opposite of the tasks listed above.