Do-it-yourself Career Tactics

I’ve met lots of good people lately. Good, talented, hard-working people who are looking for jobs or consulting opportunities, and some who may have temporarily thrown in the towel.

In the face of lay-offs, downsizing, unemployment and underemployment, a professional has to continue to move forward – and that means setting the wheels in motion to create his or her own career opportunities.

What services do you offer? Tell everyone you know. If they can’t use them at the time, they may know someone who can. (Send me an e-mail at kadavis@buildingsource.net so I know, too.)

Network and keep in contact with positive people, sharing and trading ideas. Yesterday, I had coffee with my friend, interior designer Kiana Doggan-German. Our meeting generated ideas for collaboration, not only between the two of us, but also for the larger building industry community. You’ll hear more about that shortly.

Here are five articles that provide more strategies for opening the opportunity pipeline:

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3) They tell you you’re over-qualified. Here’s a solution.

4) Tell your network what you need

5) 8 Ways to Stay Marketing-minded During a Recession