Always Promote Your Business

I'd been having problems with my water heater, and I finally got tired of lighting the pilot. My neighbor, who had experienced the same problem, recommended a water heater repairman. The repairman got to my house within 30 minutes and had the problem solved within the next 30 minutes.

Of course as I handed him my check , I explained what I do: help contractors build their businesses. I also gave him a business card and an information piece with a few marketing tips. He then informed me that he was part of a larger plumbers association and invited me to take part in their meetings. We then discussed the importance of networking. You know I'll be following up.
The following may be common sense, but they're worth repeating:

- Always be ready to promote your business, whether or not you're in a business setting.

- Always have your business collateral ready, especially when you're in a networking setting.

- Always be able to articulate what you do.

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