One Hour toward Making Your Big Idea Reality

I’m sure you have lots of ideas: a book to write, a website to create, a business to start. Your list, probably like mine, goes on and on. But how do you move from daydreaming to making that big idea come true. You need a strategy: a well-thought-out process for taking action. Take one hour out of your day to sit down and formulate your plan. That’s right – just one hour will set you on course to making that dream a reality.

Give your big idea a name. If you give your idea a title, you’ll be able to refer to it quickly when describing it to others, when making future plans, or when inviting people to the big event. For instance, if you want to convert your spare bedroom to a home office, call it New Home Office Conversion. (2 minutes)

Describe your idea in one paragraph. Write out what you want to do, why you are doing it, who is affected, how long it should take, where it should take place, and any other pertinent information. I need a new office where I can have peace and quiet and get work done at home. (6 minutes)

Determine the ideal outcome. In another paragraph, spell out how you or other interested parties should feel at the end of the process or event. I’ll have a great new space to work in where I can think without distractions! (6 minutes)

Lay out how you will implement your big idea. Write out five action items to bring the idea to fruition. You may want to work backward from the end result to the beginning of the process. For instance, if you’re planning to make your spare room into an office: Step 1 – Remove all existing furniture from the room. Step 2 – Paint the room. Step 3 – Purchase new furniture and arrange it in the space. Step 4 – Bring in reference books and computer equipment. Step 5 - Enjoy the new space. (25 minutes)

Next to each step, write the following: start date, estimated time to complete, and proposed completion date. Be sure to stick to your dates. Add them to your calendar or list of things to do. (15 minutes)

Get someone to back you up. Call someone – an accountabily partner – and tell them about your plan. Let them know your target completion date, and ask them to check up on you. (5 minutes)

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve put the wheels in motion for realizing your dream. Don’t celebrate too long – you’ve got to put the plan into action. (1 minute)

Follow up. After you complete the process, add any notes that could help things run more smoothly for your next project.

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