16 Articles and Blog Posts for Real Estate Professionals to Write

1. How did you decide to become a real estate professional?
2. What or who inspires you?
3. How do you ensure good customer service?
4. How do you choose your clients?
5. Give advice to your clients and prospects to make for a smoother relationship.
6. What professions would make good business partners for sharing contacts and why.
7. Describe the best real estate transaction you ever conducted.
8. Describe the real estate transaction you are most proud of.
9. Give advice to those entering the real estate profession.
10. Give advice to improve the real estate profession or the building industry as a whole?
11. What trends do you foresee in real estate for the next five or 10 years?
12. What are the trends for your niche market for the next five to 10 years?
13. What makes you a leader in your niche market?
14. What organizations do you volunteer with and why?
15. Write a summary of the last workshop or conference you attended.
16. Describe your “aha” moment – the moment that changed your career.

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