Don't Miss an Opportunity - AEC version

So what does an empty restaurant have to do with marketing and selling design and construction services and products?

Plan Ahead: October is Fire Prevention month. Did you tie that in to marketing your services? There was an opportunity to educate on life safety, building materials, and other aspects of design and construction. There are many other monthly observances, too. And, trade magazines have editorial calendars that describe what their stories will focus on each month – a chance to pitch your expertise.

Think outside your typical marketing activities: Where can you position your business so clients can find you? You attend networking events put on by chambers of commerce and AEC trade organizations, but are you also capitalizing on social media, where many of your potential clients and collaborators congregate? Some of the top AEC companies are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Places. Prospects can find your competition there – where are you?

Extend Your Reach: Hey, the economy has been slow. What non-profits could benefit from your services at a reduced rate? Or could you provide consulting or education on a particular building topic to an organization who may need your services later?

Know your market: Read what your clients read. If you provide construction or design services or building products to hospitals, are you reading the periodicals, website and blogs that are highly regarded by medical professionals? If not, you're missing out on important information and industry trends.

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