Make More When the Marketplace Says Less

Have you taken a day to look at the total situation of your business? Look at the big picture and identify all opportunities - not just for you, but also for your clients. Sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, says, "Write down what you intend to do to help the customer, do more business with the customer, gain more referrals from the customer, and make the relationship with the customer a financially rewarding one." Read his article here.

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Unknown said...

Nice post, I'm glad I found your site.

It's time to create relationships your competition can't steal.

Another article I thought I would share with you is by Tim Wackel and it was recently published in American Express' Executive Travel Magazine. http://www.timwackel.com/saleshelp/toughtactics.aspx

I have worked with Tim Wackel for the past several months and his is just superb. He also has a free teleseminar this month that I believe professionals in all industries can benefit from. When Prospects Go Silent: 6 Principles to Getting Reengaged! on Friday, May 22nd at 11:30 a.m. Central to learn exactly what it takes to break the silence with these selling and relationship best practices. http://www.timwackel.com/SalesHelp/WhenProspectsGoSilent.aspx

Continued Success!